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My name is James Spence, I'm currently a brown-double black stripe in Koo-Self Defence, United Kingdom.

During September 1998, my instructor and I, Mr.Gary Duckworth (2nd degree), made the trip over from England to train at Koo Self Defense International Headquaters in Cartersville, Georgia, U.S.A.

We were able to train for up to four hours a day, and rarely did we turn down the oppertunity to so, unless of course tiredness got the better of us!

The thing about Master Koo's training programme is the simplicity of the philosophy, we didn't work on any fancy moves, where you think you'll drop an adversary by the touch of a hand. We concentrated on training for the reality of a fight, practising multiple mitt hits, and shield attacks. We didn't want to lose sight of the fact that confrontations on the street are both fast and potentially dangerous. Seldom do they last long, and even less chance you'd see it coming to prepare.

Its just a case of using the best weapons you have, your punches, kicks, elbows and knees. And if you're lucky enoughy to only be up against one or two attackers, then hopefully you can do enough to get away safely.

The classes boasted a mixed variety of people, what with some being day classes and the others evening times, but the students were always very friendly and welcoming. It was a great experience, and both my instructor and I hope to return some day soon.

Photo after one of the training, (Back Row, From Left: Mr. Gary Duckworth, James Spence, 3rd from left and Master J.P Kwoo, 2nd row on right).

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